Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cheer me on to the finish line...

I normally do well under no instruction. I like to do things at my own pace without deadlines. However, with a two year old, full-time work hours and life in general taking over most evenings, I feel that I need to set an attainable goal. I have seen several authors setting these type of goals and one in particular put up a note similar to this one. I am hoping you will find it interesting to track my progress and it will also help to keep me accountable.

My goal is 40,000 words by March 15. This means I should be writing 1,540 words on average per day. I already have 30,000 words written. So, if I can reach this goal, then the first draft of my first novel should be complete with a total of about 70,000 words. Wish me luck!

Click here to check out the note on my Facebook page where I am keeping track of my daily writing totals.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's February?!?!?!

What a crazy beginning to the year! While my family was ill in January, there wasn't a whole lot of writing going on. Having a sick two year old and a sick husband, along with being pregnant and sick myself was quite time consuming. We are all feeling much better but as I look at my calendar I start to panic. It's the middle of February?!?! I didn't even get to enjoy January!

All these days flying by has made me realize that I need a more tight deadline for finishing my novel. So, moved up my personal deadline by 2 months. Sounds a little crazy but it feels good. I've made great progress over the past few days and I feel great about the direction this book has taken. I am hoping to have a tentative release date for you soon! Keep your eyes open. :)