Monday, April 1, 2013

Character Introduction: June

A short introduction to June...

Physical appearance:
  • Dirty blonde hair
  • Brown eyes
  • Average height
  • Casual style - when not at work, usually wears jeans and t-shirts with flats or tennis shoes

Random facts:
  • Grew up in Texas
  • College graduate - working at as Personal Assistant to the Head Media Supervisor at a large media firm
  • Hates to fly
  • Loves Kate Nash and Cold War Kids

Enjoy a quote with a little insight into June's head:
My eyes move up his body, eventually meeting his. Damn it. Why do his facial features have to be so endearing? I'll have to remind myself to look past him while we're at dinner tonight. That should make for some good conversation. Hey, June. Are you having a stroke? You seem to be looking to my right instead of directly at me.


Make sure to come back next week and learn some quick facts about Caroline - along with another quote/teaser from the book. (Reminder: All quotes/teasers are unedited.)

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