Saturday, March 30, 2013

Introducing the characters of Crossing Paths!

I think it's about time for another post. I'm within striking distance of my word count goal and I'm fairly confident the first draft of my manuscript will be done this week. Eeeeeee!!! This is both exciting and scary. When I started this process I didn't realize how many wonderful people I would meet or how much support I would gain in such a short time! I love you all for being a part of this process with me and for encouraging me along the way.

In celebration of being one step closer, I'm planning to post a short description of one character a week with a short teaser related to that character. I hope you are all excited to learn a few details about these characters!!

The first introduction will be this Monday, April 1st! No April Fool's joke here!

Get ready to meet June!!

One last note: Once I get to 400 likes on my author page on Facebook, I will be sharing a new teaser from the book. Share away!

Have a Happy Easter!!

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