Monday, March 4, 2013

Word War Giveaway!!

The talented and wonderful Alexandra Woods has challenged me to a word war! I am excited for the challenge and, together, we have decided to offer you a couple of prizes for cheering us on!

The plan:
We will both spend 4 hours devoted to this word war on Thurs., March 7th.

Your challenge:
Guess the number of words I will be writing during those four hours.

How to enter your guess for my giveaway: 
Two choices - my Facebook Author Page or post a comment on this blog post. Entries for my giveaway will be accepted until midnight on Thursday. Friday morning, I will determine who chose the number closest to the actual number of words written. That person will win a free copy of Running on Empty by L.B. Simmons.

Check it out on Amazon
It is getting great reviews and it is the next read on my list!

Hurry over to Alexandra's Facebook page to get info about her giveaway!


  1. 5162...I have no clue how long you normally write but this averages out to 21.5 wpm

  2. Posted on your author page on FB